Thursday, 17 November 2011

Muddy Lawn

So in the summer i hit the grass quite hard with water as it was really patchy and you could see where the previous owner had be walking up and down the washing line route and the grass was pretty faded and starting to go bald in places, so feed and 3 times a week watering so brought the lawn back to life. with a weekly cut and strim.

Now the weather isn't as hot and its raining more often, the grass is pretty boggy. the bottom was always boggy for some reason which I'm putting down to it always been in the shade. So i was out forking the worst of it last night. i think going to have to cut down watering to weekly when the weather gets better and make sure it gets forked fortnightly.

My cousin sent me a couple of nice bongs, yesterday which was a nice surprise to find when i get in from work. i don't really smoke that much but I'm more of a collector than user. I've got some really nice glass bongs, but some of them are so delicate and awkward to clean i just don't use them. MY Favourite little Glass bong has to be the Einstein Bong.

Monday, 17 October 2011

More gardening

We've got our new paving finally laid this weekend and it looks great, although it looks slightly bright, but I'm guessing that it will look weathered in a few weeks.

My wife has been looking at garden rooms as well to place down the bottom of the garden. Although they are pretty expensive to buy we reckon it will add a good chunk of value on to the house as well. We'd initially let the kids use it as a play room for the first few years.

It's cost us around £300 to get the patio done, which isn't bad as it looks really nice and its added more style to the rear of the house.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Busy weekend

i spent the weekend with my neighbour max gottschalk paving the back garden which was very back breaking work well digging the old paving up was back breaking, it was coming loose and was those awful grey flags which just look like a council slab. so we pulled all of those up and then tidied up the surrounding area ready to get a good base down next weekend. I'm shattered so i don't see next week getting any better pain wise.

We've already got the new paving slabs waiting to go down at the front of the house, otherwise i just knew that i wouldn't get it done and we'd just have a muddy puddle during winter, which with kids would soon transfer into the house

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hey peoples

i'm Izak and living in the UK, Check back in a few days for more info